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Why is Collaboration Important with your Patients’ Healthcare?

Your Patients’ entrust you with the most important aspect of their life, their health. Your expertise, experience, knowledge and education are the essentials you utilize in treating their symptoms. This in turn leads to diagnosis, treatments and procedures for each individual.

In order for you to provide the “BEST QUALITY” of medical care for your Patients; you should have access to their entire medical and health information every time you meet with them. You will also need to work with other medical specialists who have specific expertise in caring for the particular needs of your Patients. In order for you, and your colleagues and associates to provide the most effective and efficient care for each Patient, you need to be able collaborate, communicate and share all the information that you have concerning your patient.

It is also very important for you have an exact medical understanding of your Patient’s family history as you research the factors that can provide clues to pre-existing medical conditions that may run in a family. By reviewing patterns of disorders among relatives, you can determine whether a Patient, or other family members, or future generations may be at an increased risk of developing a particular disease, or illness. A family medical history can identify Patients with a higher-than-usual chance of having common disorders, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, certain cancers, and diabetes. As Patients and Family members continue to manage their care, it is important that the collaboration of their medical and health information be available for your review at the Point of Care. Knowing one’s family medical history allows a Medical Provider to take steps to reduce his or her risk. The prognosis being that more frequent screening should be started at an earlier age.

Collaboration is an effective method of sharing “Knowledge-Based” medical information among your Patients’ Medical Providers, which in turn creates a sustaining relationship with your Patient. Collaboration is a key principle in knowledge management that promotes teamwork with each Medical Provider. The end result is a Patient-Centric Record that delivers improved health information and data for each individual patient.

Health Allianze creates and manages a Patient-Centric Collaboration technology-enabled service. We give the patient a technology KEY that allows them to give you their collaborative, comprehensive medical and health information at the point of care.

If you believe that “The first wealth is health”, then you need to embrace patient-centric knowledge-based, collaborative medical care through the power of your Patient’s comprehensive medical and health information.