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Advantages at a Quick Glance

  • Patient-centric collaborative medical and health information about your patient, enhancing the time and care you give them and making that time more effective and efficient.
  • Access to your patient’s complete health history at the point of care. Medical information of their prior diseases, illnesses and injuries from all of their medical providers, to help you more accurately care for them.
  • Medical knowledge of your patient’s family health information and risk factors based on the family members’ medically recorded prior diseases and illnesses. This information allows you to set a better, more accurate wellness program for your patients.
  • Patient’s medical and health information presented in an easy, visually summarized style.
  • Clear and precise patient health information about self-imposed health practices and over-the-counter medications.
  • Patient information about travel, residential and occupational environments that affect their health.
  • Patient’s legal documents that define how to care for them under specific circumstances.
  • All medical images with associated reports, tests results, prescriptions and doctors notes all organized by diagnostic events.
  • Recommended follow-up protocols set for future reference by all the patient’s medical providers.
  • Patient-centric record system at no cost and no software installation.
  • Unique delivery model provides total security and access control.
  • Accurate claims process speeds reimbursement.
Our technology is easy to use and is compatible with the standard technology you already use every day. You do not need any additional software, and there is no complicated set-up to get you started. Health Allianze simply provides you with the most comprehensive, complete medical information for the patients under your care.

Once authorized by the patient, you will receive a KEY to unlock his or her collaborative medical and health information, anywhere, anytime. It is all within reach, the second you need it, at no cost to you.

Health Allianze is partnering with you to save your valuable time and to provide your patients with the best medical care.

All the information you need pertaining to your patients is easily accessible.

Health Allianze is committed to keeping your patients’ medical information completely secure.

We support and exceed HIPAA security and privacy guidelines.